Paolo Piccione est professeur à l'Université de São Paulo au Brésil, et le président de la Société Mathématiques Brézilienne.

Biography. Paolo Piccione graduated in Mathematics at Università La Sapienza, Roma, Italy, in 1987, and obtained his Ph.D. in Mathematics at The Pennsylvania State University in 1994. He spent sabbatical years at Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa, Italy, in 2002, at Universidad de Murcia, Spain, in 2009, and at University of Notre Dame, IN, USA, in 2016. His main mathematical interests are in the areas of Differential Geometry and Geometric Analysis. He is a faculty member of the Mathematics Department of the Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil, since 1996, full professor since 2002. Currently President of the Brazilian Mathematical Society (SBM), since 2017, and member of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences since 2012.

Title : Minimal 2-spheres in ellipsoids via global bifurcation theory Subtitle: Séminaire

Abstract : I will give an overview of classical results in variational Bifurcation Theory, present some applications to geometric variational problems, and discuss a concrete problem concerning the multiplicity of minimal 2-spheres inside sufficiently elongated ellipsoids.

Date et heure du séminaire